Stand 1 | Aug 5-25 (Not Tuesdays) | 5pm

Fringe 2019 Show On Sale Now!

Daniel Kitson, having not made anything good for years and years and years, now displays a charmless lack of respect for a tolerant if tiring audience, a supportive venue and, actually, the greatest arts festival in the world by filling a slot at the last minute, doing very little work, making barely any progress and charging everyone five pounds to watch.

Tickets: £5 Available Here

The Stand will hold 10-15 tickets back for sale at the venue door each day of the show.

There will be no waiting list, if you haven't had a chance to purchase tickets, you'll just need to give us a visit and try on the day.

These tickets won't go on sale until 4.30pm at the venue door of Stand 1.  It's advised to queue in advance to have the best chance!


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