Rahul Kohli: A Not So Chubby Brown

Date:Sunday 19th November 2017


Doors Open:17:00

Show Begins:17:30

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From Brexit to Trump to snap elections to ISIS downfall in Mosul & there rise in the West: politics is the rollercoaster box set that will never have a satisfying conclusion. 

Rahul Kohli is a comedian, Master of Political Science, and Economics graduate who’s aiming to tackle all these topics and say what everyone’s thinking! Just kidding. 

Rahul is neither a racist, nor Derren Brown: he has no idea what you’re thinking. Besides a masters and a bachelors he thinks gives him merit to accurately and hilariously convey what is going on with the World & how we can fix it? These entitled fucking millennials.

Either way, he plans to impact upon what and how you’re thinking with a nuanced look at all this. With his debut show: Newcastle Brown Male being critically acclaimed and quoted as ‘dripping with erudite genius’ Fest Mag and ‘Real art’ Broadway Baby, this is your final chance to see A Not So Chubby Brown live before Rahul records it at the Leicester Square Theatre Live in December.

Duration 1hr


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