Good Grief - Seymour Mace & Ed Aczel Work in Progress

Date:Monday 10th July 2017


Doors Open:19:00

Show Begins:20:30

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Seymour Mace 'Magical Shitcakes From Heaven' WIP
This bit's called the blurb whatever the f*ck that means. Anyway, I'm an idiot and I like being stupid so if that sounds like your kind of thing then get down to Stand 3 and laugh at me without feeling bad about it... or don't... it's up to you really... I mean, I know I'm not everybody's cup of tea... anyway, f*ck it! Come, don't come, whatever. God I'm shit at self promotion... please come.
'Delightfully angry and ridiculously creative'   ★★★★ Fest.
'Bananas!'  ★★★★
★★★★★ Times
★★★★ List.

Ed Aczel 'Infinite?' WIP
Is Edward Aczel Infinite? Have you ever thought: who am I? Is it all just a dream? Is time constant or variable? Is it only possible to imagine the infinite? No, me neither. Anyway, we live in uncertain times and Ed's house is built on shifting sand. So it calls for some navel-gazing. It'll probably be fine – it might even work… there’ll definitely be jokes. And more stars than you can shake a stick at (ideally).
‘Dead-pan dynamo… very funny'  ★★★★ Mirror.
‘Still the master of the genre’  ★★★★ Scotsman.

Hot food available in the club or why not treat yourself to some pre-show dining at The Stand Bistro open Mon/Tues from 5pm (show nights only), Wed-Sat from 11am and noon on Sundays.

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