Susie McCabe: Let's Get Physical

Date:Friday 24th March 2017


Doors Open:22:00

Show Begins:22:30

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Show Information

Susie McCabe is getting the nation pumpin' in her new show for 2017.  

Gone are takeaways and cigarettes, replaced, rather reluctantly, with bananas and bandanas.  

She is getting physical by all manner of means , regardless of the equipment required she has all the gear and no idea .

Join Susie has she finds hilarity and humour on her new path of health , fitness and well being which has been instigated by a mid life crisis will Susie join the legions of fitness fanatics or will she go back to a life of an 17 year old in the head of a 37 year old with a body of a 57 year old ?

Part of The Glasgow International Comedy Festival.



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