Red Raw - Weekly Beginners Night


Our long-running weekly beginner’s showcase is regarded as the best open mic night in the UK. Every Monday in Edinburgh, Tuesday's in Glasgow and Wednesday's in Newcastle, catch up to ten new acts – some treading the boards for the very first time. This is where everyone starts and it’s your chance to see the stars of tomorrow today. Watch out for older hands dropping in to try out new material too.

If you're interested in performing at red raw please fill in the application form on this page.

Register to perform at Red Raw

Applications for Red Raw are now closed

Thanks for your interest in performing at Red Raw. There are two application periods each year. During April and October we accept new applicants. Please come back then, when an application form will appear on this page.

If you have performed on Red Raw before and are interested in further slots, please send an email to redraw@thestand.co.uk. Please do not reapply using the web form if you are an existing performer. Please also don’t send us emails if you are a new performer as we will be unable to respond.

We aim to respond to Red Rawers as quickly as we can, but there is often a long waiting list. If you send repeated email correspondence, your application will be made invalid and your details removed from the list. Please be patient and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. Sorry it may seem militant but all our application guidelines exist to facilitate processing a huge number of applications fairly and quickly.